Best Link Shortener India (2022) | TeraBox How To Use – Naukrilelo Best Link Shortener India (2022) | TeraBox How To Use – Naukrilelo

Best Link Shortener India (2022) | TeraBox How To Use

So after a long wait the video on Terabox is finally here and I know you guys are really exicited for this, people were waiting for the video not from days but from months to make video on Terabox and And today finally the video on terabox is here, and from now on continuous basis videos on terabox will be coming and So what actually is Terabox? so its a place where you can upload images, videos and pdf files and when shared you can earn money from that.

How to take the withdrawal, what is the withdrawal amount, what are the different ways of withdrawal, etc that all we will learn in this video for that you have to attentively watch the video till the end else you might miss something so lets start the video!

So what’s up beautiful people my name is Amrit: Blogger, Digital Marketer, Youtuber, and Engineer

What Is TeraBox?

So as told earlier terabox is a platform where you can earn money by uploading images, video and files so when you upload and share you earn some money and So how much money that is? and the minimum withdrawl is of $20 with minimum views of 20,000 and as they say the CPM is of $1.25 but its usally around $1 so you can earn $20 per 20,000 views and so you can receive the withdrawl in any indian bank account once you have applied for the withdrawl process and how to get the withdrawl? once you apply for the withdrawl you will get the amount into your bank account withing 30-60mins and whether it gives payment or not?

Best Link Shortener India (2022) | TeraBox How To Use

Yes it does give payment, it have given payment to many of my friend who are earning and working on it and now I tell you the exact process how you have to sign up, in the description you will find a link which when you open you will see an interface like this and like here I have uploaded a video footage of my kedarnath trip this page only show the highlight for this you have to do the registration and login to watch the video and if you don’t have terabox app then it will redirect you to download terabox app which you can easily download , then click on registration which you can signin with google as well and signup is a better choice here, just enter you email and password you will receive a verification mail or you can just click on signin with google and after this your account will get created both on terabox app as well as website and now how will you going to earn once you created your account so in the description, you will find a link of “VideoToolTeraBot

TeraBox Plans

So first you have to create account from the link given below its refferal so plz use that and support me and there also you will find link for this bot as well and so once you will open this bot you have to start it, there you will have 2 ways to earn money from terabot Plan 1) and Plan 2) and if you choose Plan 1) According to which if you comeplete 1000 views on your uploaded video which you shared you will receive $1.2 as a reward which you can reedem at the time when you have completed your $20 and Plan 2) If a person sighup with your link you will receive a reward $0.1, like if you signup from my link I will receive a reward of $1.2 so you definetly signup with my referral link.

Now if you want to share any video like here if I want to share this video firstly I forward it to the BOT this will show file downloading and will upload it to your server and will give you a link which when you will share you can do earning and like there is another bot which so once you create your account you will get displayed with the plans whether you will take- New user Plan or Video Plays Plan and so here you have to choose either of them whether you want to earn by video sharing or refferal earning and suppose you want to earn money by video sharing so you will click on that plan and after choosing your plan your account will get setup and there you will be given choice to change your existing plan but only once, so I wont choose that you can also see your stats.

Best Link Shortener India (2022) | TeraBox How To Use

TeraBox Withdrawal Process

Now this video has been uploaded in your account and so how will you do the withdrawal process? and so you will go to available bots–>finance tera bot (start that) and so when you click on withdraw you will get a withdrawl, adding bank account and other option once you have completed your $20 threshold amount and and from there you will instantly get the payment within 30-60 mins and suppose you earned today so it will get updated after 3 days into your terabox account and now there is a secret bot which many don’t knew about is that there is a bot that can convert any other terabox link into yours.

I will provide its link in the description and its name is “link convertor terabot” you have to start it can forward the terabox links here and like le tme get a terabox link from somewhere, from here I will copy this link and go to the terabox link convertor bot and paste it there and like here if look at the terminal words of both link you will find a minor difference, so by this way you can convert someone else’s link into yours and now another fantastic thing that you can short terabox link using adrino links as well! and what is adrino links? so a website where you can short links like you copied a terabox link and short it into adrinolinks like the one I show here and first thing is to create an account on adrinolinks like here I have an account created you have to signin first I will provide its link as well and here you will paste your terabox link here it will give you another generated link which when shared you will get earning from both terabox as well as adrinolinks! and adrinolinks is our link shortener here you will get $5 CPM which will even get increased in the future, it comes with no popup ads, min. withdrawl is of $2, which you will get received within a week.


I recommend you to use both terabox and adrinolink so that you will increase your earning you will find all the links in the description and the next can be mainly focusing on the problem you face while using this, you can comment down below or I can show up how to connect both terabox bot and website and the videos uploaded on the bot does not show on website but there is a way by which you can do that, which I will tell you in the next video plz do comment about it.

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