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Eligibility To Purchase Health Insurance Plans Online [2023]

The most important investment you can make is health insurance, which can protect both your health and your wallet from unforeseen medical costs. With the growth of online commerce, buying health insurance policies is now simple. The eligibility requirements, however, can be confusing and burdensome to navigate. Who is qualified to buy health insurance policies online? What aspects of eligibility impact them? We’ll go over the requirements for acquiring health insurance plans online in this blog post so you may decide with confidence.

The criteria for eligibility to purchase health insurance plans are contingent on several aspects such as the age of the person who is insured, the existence of existing diseases, etc. In all health insurance plans you will need to meet the following eligibility criteria: must be met:

age criteria for adultsAge of entry for adults: 18-65 years old
Age Criteria for Dependent ChildrenAge of entry for children: 90 days to 25 years old
Medical Screening PrescriptionOver that age group of 55/45/60
The waiting timeFrom 2 years to 4 Years

age criteria– The age of entry of adults and children is different and can vary between 18-65 years as well as 90 days up to the age of 25. The actual age of entry can differ from one medical insurance policy to the next.

Pre-medical screening-medical screening is required for those who are older than 45 or 55 years. However, the majority of senior citizen health plans will require pre-medical examinations prior to the policy’s issuance.

Pre-existing diseasesPre-existing diseases any existing illness is covered following the expiration in the time frame of waiting i.e. 2-4 years. Health insurance companies typically require applicants to disclose to disclose if they suffer from any medical issues like diabetes, blood pressure or cardiovascular disease kidney issues, and more. prior to purchasing an insurance policy for health. If you smoke or drink, you should disclose it at the time of purchasing the plan to insurance companies.

Do not keep it confidential as it may create problems during the process of settlement. It could even result in being denied your claim. Based on these criteria, the insurance company will decide to provide medical insurance for the applicant.

What is the reason to Compare health insurance plans on the internet?

A comparison of health insurance rates online can assist you to select the most suitable health insurance plan that will meet your health needs. Sometimes, it may be difficult to choose the most effective healthcare insurance policy since a variety of insurers offer different insurance plans that offer impressive features.

Fortunately, Policybazaar.com understands the confusion of its customers and therefore it provides a platform on which you can evaluate various policies on health insurance’s benefits such as the sum insured, quotes, and rates on the internet. Here are a few main advantages of shopping and comparing an insurance policy online:

  • Access to accurate information: It offers easy access to all medical insurance policies accessible on the market. It also frees purchasers from dealing with insurance brokers who give inaccurate and misleading information often.
  • Simple Comparison of different health Plans: Comparing different health insurance plans online is efficient and time-saving. It’s not necessary to constantly meet with agents to evaluate and select the best plan. In addition, many tasks, like the renewal of premiums, paying for health insurance policies, and so on. are also made easier by using the Internet.
  • Find a policy with appropriate premiums the customer purchases an online health insurance plan and is able to compare premiums and choose the one that is within the budget. Additionally, there are no brokerage or agent costs charged which means that the purchaser saves a substantial amount of dollars.
  • Review of Providers/Plans: You can check an insurance company’s capacity to fulfill your demands for claims by comparing Claim Settlement Ratios on our site. This will allow you to understand the overall picture of the credibility of an insurer which will allow you to make an informed choice.


In conclusion, buying health insurance policies online has gotten easier and more practical recently. To be sure you’re acquiring the appropriate coverage, it’s crucial to comprehend the eligibility requirements before making a purchase. We trust that this post has given you a clearer knowledge of what it takes to be eligible to buy health insurance policies online.

Before choosing a policy, keep in mind to compare them and thoroughly study the terms and conditions. A good health insurance plan may assist you in protecting both your health and your finances, which should be one of your top priorities.